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2016 Guangzhou auto show blockbuster new energy vehicles Buick Velite, etc. – Sohu Automotive ca1805

The 2016 Guangzhou auto show heavy new energy car: Buick Velite car auto Sohu – Sohu [2016 Guangzhou auto show]2016 Guangzhou auto show has kicked off last year as a large auto show, green new energy vehicles will once again become the biggest bright spot, the major car companies to increase efforts to develop low fuel consumption and clean the car at the show, many overseas new car debut in the country, as well as domestic reading a long time models listed, you get to know the show to see the blockbuster new energy vehicles today. The Guangzhou auto show in 2016 major multinational enterprises have brought a masterpiece highlights energy-saving environmental protection and technological innovation, from the concept car exaggerated, to fashion the first new car, SUV technology to electric super life, to see who pocketed the eye of new energy vehicles. Buick Velite new energy concept car new bright spot: the world’s first, a plug-in hybrid system of SAIC GM’s Buick brand in the 2016 Guangzhou auto show world debut Buick Velite new energy concept car. The car by SAIC automotive led the development of the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center, equipped with a plug-in hybrid system. Velite based new energy concept car’s front styling in family style on the further innovation, wing type chrome grille and headlights on both sides as a whole through. The new car uses the back of the back of the body form, better improve the aerodynamic characteristics, and further improve fuel economy. Body length and width of 45791811 1494mm, wheelbase 2694mm, equipped with a 21550 R17 tire. Because equipped with a hybrid system, the service quality has reached 1610kg. Power, Buick Velite models equipped with extended range consists of 1.5L engine and motor plug-in hybrid system, which is responsible for driving motor, gasoline engine is responsible for power generation, the maximum engine power 73kW (99 horsepower). The car is equipped with three yuan lithium battery, the official declaration of the integrated fuel consumption of 100 kilometers 0.9L. The VW I.D. concept car highlights: domestic first, mileage of 400-600km pure electric cars Volkswagen I.D. concept car at the Guangzhou auto show in the domestic debut, the car is a pure electric vehicle mileage is 400-600km, on behalf of the prototype, the future mass production of electric vehicles in 2020, Volkswagen automatic driving " I.D. cruise " model will be officially opened in 2025. This is based on Volkswagen’s first electric concept car MEB platform to build the popular I.D. concept car with a futuristic design style, located in a new five door hatchback, body size and golf are similar, the headlights group using LED light source, and into the front. In addition, an integrated front bumper with blue shield and dot decoration design. The new car uses an open space (Open Space) design, rear door can slide open.相关的主题文章:

Waist fat coup against. thinkpad s230u

Waist fat nuisance against a coup lead: the office to sit for a long time, waist fat imperceptibly piled up, looked at more disturbing! Don’t worry, I deal with it a coup! (source: PCLADY) thin waist fat reduction method: 1 seat sports exercise method thin waist practice: sitting in a chair on the side, both hands hold back, feeling the body seemed to be sliding down from the chair, relax arched tread waist, waist to try to paste on the chair. The feet alternately do bike movements, the leg muscles to relax, a foot down the stretch, the lower the better, but can not touch the ground, the other foot bent upward, the higher the better, repeated practice, adhere to 20 the next day. The same as the above position, legs bent upward at the same time, and then down the stretch at the same time, pay attention to the waist can not be on the top, should try to make the abdomen and stomach contraction, and then as close as possible to achieve the abdomen is also tight Yi Shu, every day 20. 2 thin waist abdominal contraction walk belly up; inhale, exhale, belly tightening. This is a necessary training for people who practice yoga or practice pronunciation. It helps to stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote the discharge of waste in the body, smooth airflow, increase lung capacity. Normal walking and standing, should be forced to shrink the lower abdomen, with abdominal breathing, so that stomach muscles more compact. At the beginning of the one or two day will not be used, but as long as remind your abdominal contraction to lose weight, a few weeks, not only the lower abdomen to flat, walking posture will be more attractive. 3 massage thin waist method with navel as the center, in the abdomen to play a question mark, along the question mark massage, first right, left side, each massage 30-50, massage every day 1 times. Bucket waist is mainly caused by greedy, so calorie intake is critical. Eat less high calorie food, eat low calorie but high nutritional value of food, avoid overeating situation. Slowly eat, in order to increase the sense of satiety, easy to control the heat to achieve the purpose of weight loss. 4 swimming thin waist swimming 30 minutes can consume about 1 million 100 thousand calories. Even if people are not in the water, the metabolic rate is still very fast, faster than usual consumption of fat. This method is the most scientific, most undeniable. Swimming can not only abdomen, but also to shape the entire shape. Thin waist fat reduced diet: 1, winter melon soup aloe thin waist fat on both sides of raw materials: wax gourd 250 grams, 3 pieces of aloe, Sydney 1, 4 red dates, salt. Approach: (1) aloe, gourd wash cut, red dates, Sydney wash cuts. (2) the wax gourd into the pot, add appropriate amount of water to boil, turn a small fire cook until cooked, add red dates, Sydney, aloe and salt slightly boiled drinking. Efficacy: free fat, and sodium content is extremely low, and potassium rich, has diuretic dampness, eat melon can avoid the accumulation of fat in the waist, to slim down quickly. Add active aloe factor in aloe can promote fat burning, and inhibit the intestinal absorption of fat meal in food, and can promote the secretion of pepsin, help the stomach to digest food. .相关的主题文章:

Be moved! The two dogs help each other together — Environmental Protection — people.com.cn icesword

Be moved! The two dogs help each other together — Environmental Protection — people.com.cn original title: moved! The two dogs help each other together according to the British "Daily Mail" reported on August 31st, social media Instagram, a The Fluffy Duo account records the two inseparable puppy’s daily life. One from Washington, named Fu Zi (Hoshi) of the eskimo dog eyes can’t see. Fortunately it has a Pomeranian buddy Zane (Zen) to help it to have a difficult time in it. The master record of their mutual help life on the internet. He is not a born went blind, because of suffering from cataracts, at the age of 11 had to be enucleated eyes. In the 6 months before surgery, Fu master just rescued the dog son Zion, after that the puppy is inseparable. Two puppies owner Pauline Peres (Pauline Perez) said XYRON seems aware of the Fu son is gradually blind, it slowly began to help Fu zi. "They are going hiking companions, we tied a chain on them, leading Gen Fu zi. Even if there is no chain attached to them will go in two, Gen Fu next to." The owner will look to their inseparable photos or small way video uploaded to the Internet, the picture is very moved. Two dogs will swim together, play together in the park, sleep at night. (global network comprehensive report compiling: Zhang Yue reviewer: Zhu Yingku (Shi Yaqiao), commissioning editor: Jiang Qi)相关的主题文章:

Beauty has a knack, show thin see really recruit! – Sohu 特命战队go busters

Beauty has a knack, show thin see really recruit! Sohu – who said feet was a skinny jeans, Haren jeans wear color can stovepipe, to know the big star who would love to wear loose jeans special edition, has no sense of restraint, can also be loose out of fashion color, collocation of white T, can display a very high temperament. This pair of jeans is the name of how leisure how to under the banner of the multi strand wire as the spindle of the whole design, the version line at the waist and knees, a bit like a pocket both visual sense, but only retained in the planar texture, no overall sense of which is integrated, incidental, create version excellent. Basic T-shirts hoodies, simple and elegant, convenient wearing, easy not docile, can easily cover the upper body fat place yo, conventional sweater design, but the design is similar to the classic navy has caused a boom, now came back, with her no against fatal temptation resistance, and then repeat the upsurge. Shoulder several smooth lines, with its simple classic stripes, deduce the breath of youth. Also played a strong embellishment, so that any other decoration has become redundant, the design is also very good expression of this meaning, so the other is based on pure blue cloth as a substrate. Let the wind in the fusion of navy blue sky. Listen – it’s the sound of the waves hitting the rocks, smelling the salty taste of the sea. In an invigorating autumn climate season, wearing beautiful clothes, go there, are like a dream. Girls, now feel that the world suddenly quiet, for the pure flavor! Simple color sweater all-match, good-looking, the version in the long section of more leisure lazy, small thickness of fabric, a profile is not easy to wrinkle, simple collocation a denim pants feet, so easy with cool feeling. New all-match short V collar double knit cardigan jacket pocket button bamboo wind, breeze bamboo, with your taste, stepping away the path, looking for your smile, in the landscape of bamboo, I will paint you with plain pen, tease gauze, danced together, and danced, sweet, rendering a fragrance, your face appeared in front of me, the world still at this moment, my eyes have no time, no world, only you do not forget the face, just moment, is eternal, that life will suffice! New winter, wind streaks hit color stitching loose size long sleeved Pullover Sweater the new autumn new old Korean all-match stretch jeans washing feet pencil pants children new tide in spring and autumn base coat lace Korean lady Large size women’s thin long sleeved T-shirt showing small sweater tide相关的主题文章:

Work levy only revealed mystery NVIDIA and Apple will work together again – Sohu Technology magicq

Work levy only revealed mystery NVIDIA and Apple will work together again? Sohu, science and technology [Technews] according to science news graphics processor NVIDIA GPU manufacturers (NVIDIA) released recently in foreign recruitment website "software engineer" information shows that the future of the work of the task will be to help Apple products to produce the next generation of revolutionary". Therefore, the candidates for this job will require after admission to cooperate with apple, and be able to write with Mac computer graphics related software, the future pattern of the program. These conditions have proved that NVIDIA will now resume cooperation with apple. It is understood that apple produced Mac computers, the current use of graphics processors are mainly provided by AMD. However, NVIDIA has now become a leading manufacturer of high-end graphics processor used in the game. However, the two companies have had a long time no cooperation, making the company’s chips almost did not appear in the apple Mac these generations of personal computers. According to the time of the data, in the database of Nvidia Corp, there are currently three jobs related to apple. Moreover, the three business software development work with the apple Mac computer, and one specific mention of NVIDIA’s Mac graphics driver team, which means that NVIDIA chipset seems will return to Apple computer products. With the coming of the 3D graphic editor of increasingly high demand, accelerate the 3D graphics processing, regardless of AMD, are very important or NVIDIA graphics processor, it. If, NVIDIA graphics processor can return to Apple Mac computer, the dominant position it will completely change the graphics chip field, there may be a new chip market orders directly affect companies such as AMD. Therefore, in the end who is ultimately the dominant graphics processor market, it is worth the wait and see the market. (source: NVIDIA official website homepage) for more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews Science News相关的主题文章: